APRA International Introduces New Affinity Groups

Is your organization involved with conservation, social services, the arts or healthcare?  Would you like to be able to communicate with fellow prospect development professionals involved in those fields?

Then you may be interested in joining one of the new APRA affinity groups.


APRA International started this new initiative in 2016 so that prospect development professionals could have a virtual place to converge and correspond about issues that may be specific to their type of organization.  Each group has a forum and moderator.  The current groups and moderators are:

  • The Arts – Estee Pierce, Moderator
  • Conservation – Bond Lammey, Moderator
  • Healthcare – Katie Ingrao, Moderator
  • Social Services – Nick Sollog, Moderator

Since these affinity groups are new they are a growing work in progress.  There are not currently any posting guidelines so feel free to post any topic of discussion.

Affinity group membership is free and you do not have to be a member of APRA International or any APRA chapter to join. You may also join more than one group. (If you are not an APRA International member, you will need to create a free guest account on the APRA website at www.aprahome.org to participate in the affinity group.)

If you are interested in joining any of the affinity groups or have suggestions for any additional groups, please email info@aprahome.org.

You may also email any additional questions to:

  • Liz McHugh, Chapter Leaders Chair –  elizabeth.mchugh54@gmail.com
  • Bond Lammey, APRA Board Liaison to the Chapter Leaders Committee – blammey@bwf.com